Replacement of Household Appliances

Appliances Replacement Services

Call a specialist to replace your defective household appliances

Get advice from a specialist

Built-in oven , steam oven, dishwasher, built-in refrigerator , .. Replacement Needed? Get a specialist's advice on replacing your faulty household appliance. We are happy to provide you a free quote so your new device perfectly fits the needs of your wishes.

Delivery and installation by our built-in appliances specialist at your home

Gefix delivers all your appliances at home free of charge. Do you want us to install your devices? Then use our economical installation and connection services. We are experienced and can install appliances such as stoves or dishwashers. Before committing to any work and to provide 100% satisfaction, we first pay you a visit and gather all the information we need to ensure a perfect integration of your device .

Call us now to fix an appointment. Repairs or maintenance work that can be performed quick and with expertise saves you time, money and stress!

What free services does Gefixt offer?

  • Measuring of the place where a device needs to be replaced .
  • Quotation.
  • Removing your existing equipment
  • Connecting the new device to an existing electricity and / or water supply.
  • Explaining how the device works.
  • Taking away your old appliance .
  • Installing your oven or microwave oven

What additional services do we offer?

Services Cost
Assembling / connecting cooker €30
Mounting hood (all types) €39
Installing refrigerator €39
Installing steam oven €39
Replacing oven or microwave oven Free

Call us now to replace your appliances. Repair or maintenance work that can be performed quickly saves you time, money and stress!

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